UX vs UI vs IA vs IxD : 4 Confusing Digital Design Terms Defined

We explained What is UX design? What is UI design? What is Interaction Design and What is Information Architecture in this article.

Once upon a time, if you said the word “design”, the odds were overwhelmingly likely you were talking about graphic design. But nowadays, the digital world is becoming increasingly more complicated and a lot of new job positions appearing, which lead to confusion for people outside or new to the design industry. Here’s a quick overview on What is UX design? What is UI design? What is Interaction Design and what is Information Architecture in this article to help you understand what they mean.

UI Design (User Interface Design)

“User interface design (UI) or user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, with the focus on maximizing usability and the user experience. The goal of user interface design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals (user-centered design).”

A good user interface can greatly improve productivity and bring the enjoyment to users.

User interface is the level of communication between user and machines. From It can be divided into two levels: feeling and emotion. In short, the user interface design is to achieve a easy-to- use and pleasure user interface for users and a user-centered design.

Author and founder of Adaptive Path — a user experience consultancy, Jesse James Garrett, defines interface design as being all about selecting the right interface elements — like text, buttons, text fields, color coded lists, etc — for the task the user is trying to accomplish and arranging them on the screen in a way that will be readily understood and easily used. The goal is make the user’s interaction as efficient and simple as possible.

Interface elements include but are not limited to:

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