The Best Coffee and Tea Sweeteners

The most common coffee and tea additives are dairy and sweeteners. For a sweeter cuppa, most people simply add white sugar, but there are many ways to sweeten coffee and tea, such as honey, agave nectar, molasses, simple syrup and artificial sweeteners. If you have yet to explore these other options, you’re in for a sweet surprise.

Notes on Sweetening Coffee and Tea

Most sweeteners are easiest to add to hot drinks, particularly dry sweeteners like sugar which dissolve quickly under the heat. If you’re sweetening iced coffee or iced tea, try sweetening it before you chill it or use a liquid sweetener, such as honey, agave nectar, and simple syrup.

As with many things, less is more when it comes to sweetening coffee and tea. If you find that a large dose of sweetener is as much a part of your morning beverage as the drink itself, try switching to a higher quality coffee or tea and reducing the amount of sugar you add. You may find that the flavor of the beverage stands on its own with little or no sweetener.

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