iOS Design Patterns – Top 12 Mobile App UI Design Inspirations

iOS and Android are the two major mobile platforms, the former uses Human Interface Design while the later adopts Material Design. Designers, app designers especially, when designing a mobile app, usually should choose between iOS and Android first. If you design app for iOS, it must feel so good if your product has the chance to rank high among the countless competitors. That’s how design changes our life.

How to Design A Great App for iOS?

Well, if you design app for iOS, I just have you covered. It’s true that interface effects user experience directly. Here, I’ve carefully selected 12 Best mobile app with excellent iOS UI design (IOS Design Patterns) and good user experience, covering lifestyle, magazine, sports, weather, online shopping, etc. Moreover, this is also the right place to discuss the Human Interface Design guidelines. Prepare to be amazed and get inspired.

1. City App

Category: Navigation


System Requirements: Supports iOS 9.0 and Up

City App is a native swift iOS application template for city guide solution for showing interesting place from a city with description. An Augmented Reality Technology is implemented for searching a place from user location through a camera, which is cool and useful. Admin Backend is integrated to manage places data, you can edit, update or delete data.


Why I like it:

  • Integrated with firebase authentication, firebase database, firebase crash reporting,
  • Online and offline mode support,
  • Maps support,
  • Augmented reality-based location,
  • Image picker, cropper and upload.
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