How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Turkish Coffee

What You Need 1: Freshly Ground Turkish Coffee

turkish coffee grinds

The first thing you’ll need is the star ingredient. Freshly ground Turkish coffee. It’s most aromatic and flavorful when it’s freshly ground and cooked right away.

Medium-roasted Arabica beans work best as they have a lower oil content than other types of beans, but you can also experiment with mixes.

Before you begin, make sure your coffee grinder has a ‘fine’ setting. Turkish coffee is traditionally ground in a copper hand grinder and is ground much finer than filtered coffee. It should be as fine as cocoa powder.

If you don’t have the equipment or time to grind the beans yourself, it’s easy to find vacuum-packed pre-ground Turkish coffee which also preserves the freshly-ground taste.

Once you’ve used your ground coffee, store the rest in an airtight container. Before closing the lid, use the back of a wooden spoon to pack the ground coffee tightly in the bottom of the container. This will help preserve the flavor until the next time you use it

What You Need 2: A Small Cup And Saucer

turkish coffee cup

One of the most important details in preparing successful Turkish coffee is the presentation. That’s where the cup and saucer come in. Traditionally, the coffee is served in tiny cups made especially for Turkish coffee. They often have delicate designs and gold or silver embellishments.

Turkish coffee cups are even smaller than espresso cups, but in a pinch, single shot espresso cups will also do. You can find contemporary cups and saucers made of ceramic and porcelain, or you can opt for more traditional cups and saucers, or Turkish coffee sets made of metal and porcelain.One of my favorite things to do is stroll through antique bazaars and shops and pick up old Turkish coffee cups.

In Turkey, you can buy Turkish coffee cups nearly everywhere, even at local markets and grocery stores. Outside of Turkey, try Middle Eastern, Greek or Turkish grocers or on the web.

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