How to Best Prepare Babies and Toddlers for Sleep at Childcare

Having a baby or toddler commence childcare marks a new stage of family life, one that usually takes quite some adjustment. For most parents, concerns about how their child will settle and sleep for their new caregivers is usually at the top of their list.

Below are some handy tips to help parents best prepare their child to successfully transition to sleeping at childcare.

1. Do the research

Most parents will have done much research on their selected childcare provider and centre and its suitability for their baby or toddler. It is however really important to also have a clear picture of how the centre settles children in their care. What does their nap routine look like?  Where will the children sleep? Is the room dark or light? Do they play lullabies as they drift off to sleep? Who do they settle first? Introducing a similar naptime routine and environment at home can help the child feel more secure and safe in their new sleeping environment.

How to Best Prepare Babies and Toddlers for Sleep at Childcare

Another very crucial thing to find out about is the Centre’s Safe Sleep and Rest Policy. Parents should ask the staff to go through this with them so that they can be assured that their child will be sleeping safely at all times.

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