Flavored Simple Syrups for Coffee & Iced Tea Recipes

Cardamom Simple Syrup Recipe

green cardamom pods

This aromatic simple syrup takes a cue from the Middle Eastern origins of simple syrup with an intense cardamom flavor. It’s delicious in masala chai, coffees with lighter, brighter flavors, milk steamers and Darjeeling teas.

Cinnamon Simple Syrup Recipe

Cinnamon sticks

Demarara sugar gives this spiced simple syrup a richer, deeper flavor than most. The result is a flavored syrup that’s perfect for hot coffee, iced coffee, milk steamers or masala chai. It also works well with Assam tea or Ceylon tea.

Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe

Strawberries on White Background

This flavored syrup recipe was created for Strawberry Iced Green Tea. It also works well in other iced green teas, iced black teas, lemonades and coffees with natural berry notes

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