All You Need To Know About UX Team Structure

1. What three main disciplines form UX?

Let’s start out with the basics. If you’ve dipped your toes into the UX realm, you’ve probably met people of various different fields. When someone speaks about UX, they probably mean a union of three disciplines: UX-UI design and user research.

1. User experience design

User experience experts will first want to understand the goal of the product, the problems it is solving. They also look at what the user does before, during and after taking them in their hands, and why. They create models and wireframes, and rely on user feedback for proof or basis for iterations. In order to avoid bias, you first want to think in flows before screens and colors.

UX Team Structure_UX Design: personas, journeys, flows, functionalities, usability, screen structure, information architecture.

2. User interface (UI) design

UI design involves what the product looks like. UI design results in the pixel-perfect, final UI that basically only needs coding. Masters of this craft know design trends and patterns, while also staying aware of technological feasibility.

UX team structure_UI Design: visual design, aesthetics, digital interfaces, patterns, trends, icons, animations, transitions, sounds
UI design is all about the visuals and aesthetics of digital interfaces. They select patterns, icons, shapes, animations, transitions, sounds, all based on their professional expertise, industry trends, but taking into account user and client needs.
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