9 Great Breads to Serve With Coffee

Few food and drink pairings can compare to a fresh-brewed cup of coffee and a homemade bread. You will find that some breads that are naturally more compatible with coffee and the majority are quick breads. This is great news because that means they are very easy to make from scratch.

All coffee breads have certain traits in common: they are sweet and rich in flavor and texture. Any of these sweet bread recipes will go great with coffee. Serve them when you invite friends over for a cup or for dessert following a big family meal.

Sweet and Sticky Pecan Rolls

Pecan Rolls

We cannot leave sticky buns alone when it comes to a coffee break. They’re just too irresistible and they always taste great with a cup of dark coffee.

This is a more traditional sticky roll recipe so you yeast lovers can indulge as well. For the seasoned baker, it should be a breeze and it’s a fun recipe to try if you’re dabbling in the baking arts.

One taste of these gooey caramel and pecan topped rolls and you’ll want to make another batch. Yet, you don’t have to because the recipe makes 36 delicious sticky rolls.

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