7 steps to become a UI/UX designer

Recently, I’ve been receiving similar questions from a lot of people:

  • How can I get more into UI/UX?
  • I’m a programmer/marketing manager/social media strategist and I want to know more about design. Where do I start?
  • How do you know what is good design and bad design?
  • What does it take to become a designer?

“How do I start?”

This question brings me back to when I first started my career. 7 years ago, I’m on my first day of my first design job. I’m sitting in front a blank Photoshop file on an iMac (I was a Windows user back then). I’m trying to grasp what my manager just briefed me about. I have no idea how to start. Blank.

Before landing that job, I had just graduated from university with a Multimedia degree. So, why did I not know anything about design?

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